Finals Information


All Finals will be played over two weeks as an Elimination Knock-Out Series.

Semi Final 1st v 4th     Semi Final 2nd v 3rd

  Winners play in the Grand Final


If a section has ten or more teams, the finals will be split into two finals series, labelled Gold and Green.  Both finals series will be played over two weeks as an Elimination Knock-Out Series, the same as above.

Semi Final 5th v 8th     Semi Final 6th v 7th
Winners play in the Grand Final


Players must play a minimum of eight(8) games to qualify to play finals.  Byes count as games played.  Please CLICK HERE  to view your team's qualification lists updated after every game. 


Players who have missed games due to injury need to apply to WBA (via their team representative) with a medical certificate covering the games missed to be considered for finals qualification. Applications need to be submitted at least 48 hours prior to the team's first finals game.

In the case where a team has only five players qualified for finals, the team must contact the administration of the WBA via email to seek permission for the next most qualified player to allow the team to have six players for the final. This action must be taken more than 48 hours prior to the game and the competition administrators will review each individual request carefully. 

Players who have only participated in four or less games for the season, and players who are not completely registered on the official team lists will not be permitted to assist in finals as per this rule above.

If the team has six qualified players and one is unable to play in the semi-final, the next most qualified player as above can play. However, if the team wins the semi and is going to the grand final and the original qualified player is available, the replacement player for the semi-final cannot play again in the grand final. 



Please click on links below for Finals Schedules.

Schedules will also be updated on the fixture page within 48 hours of your last regular season game and an automatic text message will be sent to team representatives.


Monday Finals Schedule.pdf  [109 KB] Sunday Finals Schedule.pdf  [125 KB] Thursday Finals Schedule.pdf  [105 KB] Tuesday Finals Schedule.pdf  [123 KB] Wednesday Finals Schedule.pdf  [106 KB]


Curious to see who won the Grand Final in your division?  Click below for final ladders and Grand Final results

Monday Spring 22 Results.pdf  [646 KB] Sunday Spring 22 Results.pdf  [261 KB] Thursday Spring 22 Results.pdf  [432 KB] Tuesday Spring 22 Results.pdf  [180 KB] Wednesday Spring 22 Results.pdf  [486 KB]


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